Porch Drunk Lullaby

from by Cigarettes and Milk



I'm caught in a storm yeah
It's been cloudy for days
The ruggedness of living
Has shadowed my hatred

This house that I home
Could come down anytime
I'm breathing for the opera
Playing for my life

My friends and I do
The same shit everyday
Get drunk on the porch bench
And talk about pain

We're all in a standby
Scrounging up change
For noodles and salt
Another bottle to drink oh

I'm scared that I'll get stuck
Doing nothing more
Working shit retail
'Til I'm eighty four

I just wanna play the stage
And pluck my guitar
Get paid to be happy
And drive my own car

But the bed that I sleep in
Encumbers my soul
Stained with blood n' drugs n' cum
N' cigarettes I smoke yeah

This world gets so hard
Harder than steel
But stealing's what I'm good at
When it comes to beer yeah

Another spacebag
Another jar of gin
Two bottles of fucking mad dog
N' I'm still fuckin' breathin'

The frat fuckin' fucks
Piss on my house, belittle me
I'm just trying to pour my art out
From the vortex I'm trapped in

I know that I'm charming
Attractive and sweet
But my ego comes from somewhere
That I know that I ain't

So lend me your ear
And waste all your time
Enjoying my songs
So I don't waste mine

Is it better than nothing
Better than death
One sounds less enticing
Another sweeter than red wine

And most of my partners
Cheated on me
Fucked in my bathroom
And fucked where I dream

I'm sick of the road
And putting up tents
And giving all my change
When I need it myself

So I settled here quick
To chase piece of mind
I lost it instead and made a
Porch drunk lullaby

Where the walls tell of whispers
The stories of sin
The darkest parts the most
Depressing of kids

So pull out a lighter
And pop another beer
Hope it hits you in the eye
And you perceive only half what is unclear


from The Barebones, released November 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Cigarettes and Milk Portland, Oregon

Everyone says my moniker is gross. Cigarettes and Milk is the factual and fictitious project of Waldo Przekop. Which is me. Stories of a kid who hates the system of oppression put in place by a capitalist society. Songs of my deepest internal grief and anxiety. I am emotional, almost none of my music is happy. I am a lo-fidelity musician and I am folk out of the gutter. A blueberry farmer too. ... more

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