Fuck my job but mostly my boss
Tell him to meet me out in the parking lot
Beat his ass leave him pleading no more
I'm sick of your shit and all your sexual advances

Bloody body lying in the street
Grab a beer and finish it in one schwill
Crush the can against his fucking skull
Leave it like litter on his corpse

Someone called the pigs I smell bacon tonight
Yeah and if they find me there'll be two less blue lights
This never would have happened but it's capitalism yeah
I can't fucking take it I'm losing my mind

Well there isn't a thing a molotov can't solve
When you're this deep in two liters of gin
Burn the banks and all the town halls
My foots in the door no turning back now


from Hey Sorry I'm a Mess, released March 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Cigarettes and Milk Portland, Oregon

Everyone says my moniker is gross. Cigarettes and Milk is the factual and fictitious project of Waldo Przekop. Which is me. Stories of a kid who hates the system of oppression put in place by a capitalist society. Songs of my deepest internal grief and anxiety. I am emotional, almost none of my music is happy. I am a lo-fidelity musician and I am folk out of the gutter. A blueberry farmer too. ... more

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